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Bridge Rectifier

Features : 

  • Current: 10Amp to 300Amp
  • Voltages: 800V-1800V
  • Isolation:3000 VAC

Single Phase bridge Rectifier

Rectification is the process of linking an AC power supply to a connected DC load by means of solid state semiconductor devices

VoltsVoltAmpAmpVoltmAAmpA2s°CTstg°C/W°C/WmF W
SPR/SPN 6 400 to 2000500-2200V1061.40.03-240200150-40 to 1802.310.02500DO-4
SPR/SPN12400 to 2000500-2200V20121.40.160250300150-40 to 18020.50.02500DO-4
SPR/SPN16400 to 2000500-2200V25.5161.40.180300450150-40 to 1801.20.50.02500DO-4
SPR/SPN25400 to 2000500-2200V40251.50.1150400800150-40 to 18010.350.05200DO-5
SPR/SPN40400 to 2000500-2200V65401.50.22005001200150-40 to 1800.850.250.1100DO-5
SPR/SPN70400 to 2000500-2200V110701.50.235012007200150-40 to 1800.550.20.1100DO-5
SPR/SPN100400 to 2000500-2200V1601001.50.2750230025000150-40 to 1800.350.10.2550DO-8 & Flat
SPR/SPN150400 to 2000500-2200V2501501.525320060000150-40 to 1800.30.080.2550DO-8 & Flat
SPR/SPN250400 to 2000500-2200V4002501.5112506000180000150-40 to 1800.20.030.530DO-8 & Flat
SPR/SPN350400 to 2000500-2200V5003501.5317507000300000150-40 to 1800.20.15120DO-9 & FLAT
SPR/SPN400400 to 2000500-2200V6284001.5320007000245000159-40 to 1800.160.01120
SPR/SPN450400 to 2000500-2200V7504501.5325007500400000150-40 to 1800.110.012020
SPR/SPN500400 to 2000500-2200V7505001.580025009000405000150-40 to 1800.110.01

three Phase bridge Rectifier

Three-phase bridge rectifiers are commonly used for high-power applications because they have the highest possible transformer utilization factor for a three-phase system. The circuit of a three-phase bridge rectifier is shown in Fig.  The diodes are numbered in the order of conduction sequences, and the conduction angle of each diode is 2π/3.

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