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Bridge Rectifier Diode

Silicon Power Electronics introduces an economical range of bridge rectifiers using high-quality glass passivated diode/thyristor chips with high voltage and high surge current rating. Features include electrically insulated package and excellent thermal conductivity ensuring life of the product. Typical applications include Invertors, UPS, Welding machines, and Alternator.

Bridge Rectifier

Many electronic circuits require a rectified DC power supply to power various electronic basic components from the available AC mains supply. Rectifiers are used to convert an AC power to a DC power. Among the rectifiers, the bridge rectifier is the most efficient rectifier circuit. We can define bridge rectifiers as a type of full-wave rectifier that uses four or more diodes in a bridge circuit configuration to efficiently convert alternating (AC) current to a direct (DC) current.

VoltsVoltAmpAmpVoltmAAmpA2s°CTstg°C/W°C/WmF W
SPR/SPN 6 400 to 2000500-2200V1061.40.03-240200150-40 to 1802.310.02500DO-4
SPR/SPN12400 to 2000500-2200V20121.40.160250300150-40 to 18020.50.02500DO-4
SPR/SPN16400 to 2000500-2200V25.5161.40.180300450150-40 to 1801.20.50.02500DO-4
SPR/SPN25400 to 2000500-2200V40251.50.1150400800150-40 to 18010.350.05200DO-5
SPR/SPN40400 to 2000500-2200V65401.50.22005001200150-40 to 1800.850.250.1100DO-5
SPR/SPN70400 to 2000500-2200V110701.50.235012007200150-40 to 1800.550.20.1100DO-5
SPR/SPN100400 to 2000500-2200V1601001.50.2750230025000150-40 to 1800.350.10.2550DO-8 & Flat
SPR/SPN150400 to 2000500-2200V2501501.525320060000150-40 to 1800.30.080.2550DO-8 & Flat
SPR/SPN250400 to 2000500-2200V4002501.5112506000180000150-40 to 1800.20.030.530DO-8 & Flat
SPR/SPN350400 to 2000500-2200V5003501.5317507000300000150-40 to 1800.20.15120DO-9 & FLAT
SPR/SPN400400 to 2000500-2200V6284001.5320007000245000159-40 to 1800.160.01120
SPR/SPN450400 to 2000500-2200V7504501.5325007500400000150-40 to 1800.110.012020
SPR/SPN500400 to 2000500-2200V7505001.580025009000405000150-40 to 1800.110.01
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