Silicon Power Electronics introduces an economical range of bridge rectifiers using high-quality glass passivated diode/thyristor chips with high voltage and high surge current rating. Features include electrically insulated package and excellent thermal conductivity ensuring life of the product. Typical applications include Invertors, UPS, Welding machines, and Alternator.


Stud mounted diffused junction Silicon rectifiers are specially designed for rotating applications.
Diodes are spin tested at 3600rpm and pull tested to ensure quality for rotar application

Material Specification

  • Stud: Stud of mild steel
  • GM seal- Mild steel with glass providing insulation between seal base and tube.
  • Stud and GM seal welded to form joint capable to withstand pull test of min 15kg.
  • Tin plated diode surface with 10-15 microns.

Do5 package in M6 / M8 / (1/4” UNF) for 40Amp/70Amp/95Amp

  • Glass passivated chips
  • High surge current capacity
  • Spin test @3600rpm
  • Voltage: 800V to 1800V
  • Stud anode/cathode.
  • Pull tested

High Current Diodes for alternator

Alternator Diode Module

Terminal- Isolated based Diode Module

  • Isolated Base
  • Compact Package
  • Voltage 800V to 1600V
  • Current : 30Amp to 70Amp each leg

Non-Isolated Diode Module

  • Currrent :30amp to 95Amp each leg
  • Voltage :800V to 1600V
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