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Solutions for Welding Machines
  IGBT Modules  
NPT,SPT and Fast type modules
Current:75Amp to 300Amp
Voltage: 600V/1200V
low conduction and switching losses
wide SOA and short circuit ruggedness
 IGBT module
  Half Bridge Thyristor Modules  
High surge current capacity
Current:85Amp to 200Amp
Voltage: 600V
Three Thyristors with common anode
Non-isolated base
  Auto Diode stack for welding  
Designed for Co2 welding machine
low cost rectifier
MOV for voltage and
thermostat for temperature protection
forced air cooling
welding rectifier
  Diode Rectifiers  
  Thyristor -Diode / Thyristor-Thyristor Rectifier